Chapter 1765 - Daofei Appears!

Chapter 1765 - Daofei Appears!

The moment the second arrow shot out, the golden light in Wang Lin’s eyes collapsed as if it was going to dissipate. However, just at this moment, Wang Lin forced it to reform and retained a sliver.

This sliver was the last of his celestial bloodline power.

Wang Lin was worried that others would see, so he closed his eyes when he shot the second arrow.

Wang Lin understood he still had the power for one more shot, but it would be the last shot!

The arrow shot out and the world rumbled. Space folded like silk cloth as if it was about to collapse. The Seven-Colored Daoist let out a roar. The eight Eye Fishes that had opened their eyes already startled him. When Wang Lin’s second arrow shot out, the Seven-Colored Daoist was even more shocked, and he erupted his full cultivation.

A seven-colored light spread out and seven different-colored layers of light screens appeared before him. Just as they appeared, the eight Eye Fishes closed in.

The eight Eye Fishes...

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