Chapter 1764 - Seven-Colored's Calamity!

Chapter 1764 - Seven-Colored Calamity!

The yellow sand fell like rain and formed a curtain. At the same time, the muffled rumbles from underground surged upwards.

As the roar echoed, the entire planet began to tremble. The yellow sand before Wang Lin began to sink, and the roar became even more clear. In a flash, a snake-like beast rushed out from underground!

It was a giant beast covered in earth, and it was 10,000 feet thick. It was like a giant earthworm, and the part that stuck out was its mouth. From afar, it looked like its mouth covered most of its face. It opened its mouth and charged at the Seven-Colored Daoist.

The beast’s eyes were still closed, as if they were permanently closed. If it had many tentacles around its body, it would look like the Moongazer Serpent. However, right now it looked very different.

The beast instantly closed in on the Seven-Colored Daoist. Just as it was going to devour the...

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