Chapter 1761 - Seven Ambushes

Chapter 1761 - Seven Ambushes

There was a beast on the Immortal Astral Continent named the Eye Fish. Its head was mostly taken up by its open mouth and its body looked something like a 10,000-foot-long mud snake. The beast liked to devour earth and absorb the essences of the earth to nourish its body, and spiritual energy to nourish its soul.

Young Eye Fishes often remained in silts of rivers and never revealed themselves. As time passed, adult Eye Fishes could reach 10,000 feet in length. They would drill through the silt and enter the earth. Then they would travel underground to a nearby mountain and sleep.

On the Immortal Astral Continent, most of the Eye Fishes were sealed by sects as protector beasts, but they were not loved by cultivators. When they entered a mountain, they would fuse with it. Although that gave the mountain a spirit, the mountain would soon turn into yellow sand.

These Eye Fishes that stole celestial energy had to be sealed. In truth, almost all the Eye Fishes that were found on the Immortal...

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