Chapter 1759 - Seven-Colored Arrives!

Chapter 1759 - Seven-Colored Arrives!

Wang Lin raised the blade and the black gas turned into a storm that connected to the sky. From afar, the storm looked like a shocking black dragon.

The blade in Wang Lin’s hand didn’t move at all, as if it was frozen in place. As a result, Wang Lin’s body and the black dragon storm formed a stark contrast.

In this blend of static and movement, a shocking pressure came from Wang Lin’s body. Due to the White Tiger General’s divine sense avatar being devoured, and his oath, this pressure caused him to tremble.

The pressure was like a mountain, causing the White Tiger General to yield. He trembled as he lowered his head.

The middle-aged man from Planet Five Elements was even worse off. Although he hadn’t made a blood oath, his divine sense avatar had been devoured by Wang Lin. As the pressure spread out, he felt a sense of awe washing over him like an ocean wave.

Wang Lin had no time...

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