Chapter 1758 - Waiting for the Blade!

Chapter 1758 - Waiting for the Blade!

At this moment, the white-armored general could no longer retreat. This was not a real battle where one could retreat, but a game of chess where two armies were fighting.

In the battle, if the general retreated, the morale of the army would decrease. Wang Lin charged at him with a powerful momentum, making it impossible to continue retreating!

If he retreated, that meant he feared Wang Lin. If he retreated, he might never win! After all, the more Wang Lin killed, the more powerful he would become!

Even though he could kill as well, if he retreated now, he could not compare to Wang Lin in terms of momentum!

“Kill!!” the white-armored general roared. The white horse below him charged at Wang Lin!

In the eastern part of the endless battlefield, a black and a white storm separated by 10,000 feet closed in on each other. Both storms were slaughtering along the way to get themselves the biggest advantage!

Miserable screams echoed and countless...

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