Chapter 1757 - State of the Game!

Chapter 1757 - State of the Game!

“You set the law… So what if I enter?” Wang Lin’s divine sense had already spread out and gathered some clues from the planet.

The law here was very likely something like chess, to separate a part of one’s divine sense into the soldier below and use the body of a mortal to face this slaughter of millions of soldiers!

Their cultivation would be completely suppressed and impossible to use.

“The White Tiger General became a general, and the person from Planet Five Elements became a soldier. That is the advantage the White Tiger General thinks he has! The 300 destroyed worlds can’t seal bloodlines, but if it’s focused on just two or three people, it can suppress their bloodline. If the bloodline is suppressed, there is no need to talk about cultivation. The White Tiger General is not only a celestial but also has a powerful body. Although his celestial bloodline is suppressed, his body is still strong. Even though the suppression affects his body,...

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