Chapter 1756 - Bet

Chapter 1756 - Bet

The woman was wearing very little under her dress. Now that her dress was damaged, a lot of her skin was revealed. Wang Lin has coldhearted to his enemies, even if they were female, and showed no compassion. If it was anyone else, they would have become lustful after taking a look.

The blood sword pierced through Zi Xia’s chest. As blood sprayed everywhere, the blood sword buzzed in excitement.

The blood sword was filled with killing intent. It flew out to drink blood and wouldn’t return until it had!

As the blood spread out from her chest, Zi Xiang’s face was pale and she coughed out blood. As she fell, she was going to take out a treasure to support herself, but how could Wang Lin give her the chance?

The moment the blood sword pierced her chest, Wang Lin appeared before Zi Xia, filling her vision. His essences rushed out!

Zi Xia had no time to react at all. The fire essence turned into a giant Vermillion...

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