Chapter 1755 - Zi Xia

Chapter 1755 - Zi Xia

“It’s her…” Wang Lin sneered and killing intent filled his eyes.

The vortex began to disappear a moment later, and the vague figure inside became clear. It was a woman wearing a long, purple dress with blue hair. She was very beautiful. If a mortal saw her, they would definitely be charmed.

Even cultivators would be tempted to have thoughts of marking her their cultivation furnace.

This woman was Zi Xia from the Summoned Rivered, the seventh concubine! Unlike the rest of her sisters, this woman was extremely loyal to the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign and even had tried to order Wang Lin around. If not for the fact that she was worried about Wang Lin’s Li Guang Bow, she would have tried to kill him there.

This woman was not weak. Before Wang Lin had comprehended the restriction essence, it would have been a difficult fight; she would only have his Li Guang Bow to worry about. However, now that he had the restriction essence, his Ancient...

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