Chapter 1754 - Establishing the Laws

Chapter 1754 - Establishing the Laws

It wasn’t long before the four generals and the disciples of the Seven Dao Sect entered. The celestial imperial concubines entered as well. When they entered, they all had complicated expressions.

One of the celestials that came from the Immortal Astral Continent let out a sigh and moved forward. He didn’t active any of the restrictions here as he closed in on the furnace. 

Behind him, everyone else looked at the ruins below. Some of them narrowed their eyes and stopped.

Several people followed the celestial and entered the ruins. However, just as they entered, their expressions changed. Red lines appeared, giving off a bright red light and trapping them inside.

Thunderous rumbles rang out as blood lines appeared above the ruins, forming a blockade. The people inside let out miserable screams and quickly retreated.

The sudden development startled the celestial that had passed safely. He turned around...

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