Chapter 1753 - 300 Destroyed Worlds

Chapter 1753 - 300 Destroyed Worlds

The moment Wang Lin disappeared, the black gas around the furnace began to swirl rapidly and roar.

Black ripples spread out from the furnace, and the world here became distorted, as if countless shadows had appeared.

A face gradually appeared on the front of the giant furnace. This face was very large and took up almost half of the front of the furnace.

Although the face was blurry, from a distance, one could see that it was Wang Lin’s face.

The furnace was the core of the cave. It was very mysterious; anyone who entered would have their face appear on the furnace as if it was a soul seal.

The moment he entered the furnace, what appeared before Wang Lin was a dark world. It seemed endless but also like he could cross it with one step.

There was only one thing in the world: a large, yellow flower. The earth was its roots and the sky was its leaves. The blooming flower was a world of its own.

This flower was very simple and only had five petals. It had no fragrance, but if you...

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