Chapter 1752 - Hunting Ground!

Chapter 1752 - Hunting Ground!

The moment the third soul appeared, everyone’s gazes, beside Dao Master Blue Dream and the third concubine’s, gathered at Wang Lin’s right hand. In particular, the eyes of the Seven-Colored Daoist, Old Ghost Zhan, and the four generals were filled with obvious or hidden greed and desire.

“This is a hunt! You may be the hunter or I’m the hunter… You could kill me and get the third soul, but anyone who enters must be prepared to be killed by me...

“You all have the blood of the Immortal Astral Continent and consider yourselves immortals… But in this hunt, either you die or I live! I haven’t killed many of the celestials of the Immortal Celestial continent… I hope you all can become one of them. Now let this cruel game began…” Wang Lin’s calm voice was chilly as he looked around and revealed a cold smile.

His right hand clenched before everyone and the third soul disappeared...

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