Chapter 1751 - People Gather

Chapter 1751 - People Gather

The fog in Allheaven around the planet Wang Lin was on churned as several stone slates gathered in a flash. They didn’t fuse together but connected to form an outline.

This outline was still incomplete, so its shape was unknown. However, the aura and pressure it gave off caused Wang Lin’s heart to rumble when he saw it.

He understood what it was. Although he was shocked, his expression remained unchanged. He just stood there and calmly looked at it.

Soon, several more slates appeared from the fog and were added to the outline. As more slates arrived, the outline slowly became complete.

What appeared before Wang Lin was a giant door!

This door wasn’t the door that led to the Immortal Astral Continent but the door to the core of the cave. Once this door was opened, one could enter the core of the cave!

Although it was Wang Lin’s first time seeing the door, he was not a stranger to it....

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