Chapter 1750 - The Cave Opens!

Chapter 1750 - The Cave Opens!

A thunderous rumble filled the entire Ancient Star System as fog flooded everything. This fog churned as if there were countless fierce beasts inside.

Every inch of the Outer Realm was shrouded in fog. A powerful pressure came from the distant Inner Realm and shrouded the entire cave world.

Under this pressure, all the Ancient Star System cultivators trembled violently. They were at a loss as to what had happened.

However, the roar from the sky was like the end of the world, creating a powerful pressure on people and giving them a suffocating feeling.

The countless fierce beasts were like this as well. No matter how strong they were, they all trembled. Although their inheritances had dissipated, the memories buried deep within their souls slowly emerged.

These memories were fear toward the heavens that had been left by their ancestors. This originally would never happen,...

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