Chapter 1749 - Void Extinction Appears!

Chapter 1749 - Void Extinction Appears!

In the eastern part of the vast Allheaven Star System, there was a planet. Although this planet had spiritual energy, it wasn’t dense; it was an ordinary cultivation planet.

After the two wars, not many cultivators were left on this planet. Only Foundation Establishment and Core Formation cultivators remained. Most sects were abandoned.

It was autumn. The autumn wind blew by, causing the dead, yellow leaves to fly through the sky. There was a valley between the mountains.

The valley was filled with autumn orchids. This kind of orchid only bloomed in autumn. The fragrance of the flowers wasn’t strong, and under the autumn wind, there was a sense of desolation.

Every autumn, the orchid in the valley was very beautiful, but they only bloomed for less than a season until winter came. All the orchids would wither until the snow covered them. They would disappear into the cold winter until the autumn wind of the next year...

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