Chapter 1748 - Mutation!

Chapter 1748 - Mutation!

The wind in the Celestial Realm carried dense celestial energy. If blown on your face when your mood was good, it would make you feel very comfortable.

However, if your mood was complicated, then no matter how much celestial energy was in the wind, it wouldn’t make you feel comfortable.

Qing Shui stood up and looked back at Wang Lin. After pondering for a moment, he didn’t speak but let out a sigh and left. He naturally knew who the third soul was and its relationship with Wang Lin. He understood Wang Lin’s struggle.

Even after Qing Shui left, Wang Lin still sat there, staring at the sky. The struggle in his eyes didn’t disappear.

If the third soul was irrelevant to Wang Lin, then he would not hesitate to do whatever it took to seal it or destroy it to prevent the seven fragments from being absorbed after the three souls fuse.

However, the third soul was Xie Qing, his disciple. If he was forced to kill his own disciple, his heart...

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