Chapter 1747 - The Third Soul is Him!

Chapter 1747 - The Third Soul is Him!

The fisherman was a man about 30 years old. He was not big and looked somewhat weak. He didn’t look like a fisherman, more like a scholar.

He raised his hand and looked at the fish on his line. The sunlight shined off the stomach of the fish and made it look extraordinary.

The man smiled and put the fish into a canister filled with water. He then left with the canister.

Wang Lin looked at all of this and the speculation he had filled his mind. After a moment of daze, he followed the man. The man walked for a while and arrived at a simple house next to the river.

The house was surrounded by bamboo to form a courtyard. There were some poultry crying out as they fought for food around a pregnant woman.

The woman was wearing plain clothes, but they didn’t hide her good figure. She was holding a basket and was scattering the feed from inside the basket.

The woman seem tired as she held the basket...

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