Chapter 1746 - Three Souls Return!

Chapter 1746 - Three Souls Return!

The fifth fragment was green. This green light represented a tree with the intent of spreading out its branches. This fragment was formed by the instincts of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. If this soul was a mortal, then he would have many children. If this soul was a cultivator, his cultivation level wouldn’t be high, but he would be very good with avatars, like the branches on a tree!

This soul was covered in green light and was not bright. It faintly disappeared into the reincarnation cycle, but Wang Lin still saw the blurry figure that appeared the moment it disappeared.

“Daoist Scattered Spirit… It’s him…” Wang Lin muttered, the shock in his heart seemed to have been accumulating for over 2,000 years.

The sixth fragment was indigo. This indigo light gave off two feelings. One was gentle like water, and the other was cold like ice!

This indigo fragment was formed by the love the Celestial Sovereign had. Although...

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