Chapter 1744 - Search for the Third Soul!

Chapter 1744 - Search for the Third Soul!

Looking at the moon in the night, a gentle breeze blew by, causing Wang Lin’s white hair to flutter in the wind. This wind was very gentle, like Wan Er’s hand that caressed Wang Lin’s ancient face.

One gaze was like 1,000 years.

This night, the moon and the stars were scattered, and this night was sleepless. This night, with Li Muwan accompanying him, Wang Lin’s heart was calm as he was not alone.

The wind blew by, and as it blew, Wang Lin’s heart also blew into the coffin. It lifted Li Muwan’s black hair and gently blew past.

The black hair in the coffin seemed to want to fly into the sky as well, but in the end, it lacked the strength and drifted back down.

It wasn’t until the moonlight became thick that Wang Lin saw an old figure in the distance. This old figure was surrounded by a blue light, and beside him was a woman.

This woman was Li Qianmei.

The father and daughter seemed to have arrived a long time ago. They had watched Wang...

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