Chapter 1743 - The Joy in the Dream

Chapter 1743 - The Joy in the Dream

However, right now, after everything had calmed down, he couldn’t make himself forget. 

“It’s this day of the year again…” Wang Lin lowered his head bitterly and sat down.

At this moment, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo was standing on top of the mountain and silently watching Wang Lin.

After sitting down, Wang Lin let out a deep breath and his right hand reached out. The Ghostly Sail appeared and surrounded his body.

It seemed as if he wasn’t willing to allow anyone to see himself. He just wanted to quietly spend this day by himself.

The sky of the Celestial Realm was clear and the sunlight was coming from some unknown place. The sunlight shone on the earth, and it wasn’t hot but was warm.

The mountain Wang Lin was at was very quiet. He was inside the Ghostly Sail as he looked up at the sky for a long time...

“Wan Er… Soon, I’ll head to the Immortal Astral Continent… There, I will find a way...

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