Chapter 1742 - A Special Day

Chapter 1742 - A Special Day

“You still recognize this old man?” The vague figure’s calm voice entered the ears of the old man named Ma. This caused his heart to tremble, and he continued to retreat.

The old man named Ma’s teeth trembled. He looked at the vague figure and clearly recognized what it was. This blur was not caused by a spell but a unique effect resulting from the pressure of the nine suns!

The legendary nine suns of the Immortal Astral Continent, unless it was someone from the same family or generation, it was rare to see their appearance. The giant difference in cultivation level and the pressure of the Grand Empyreans created a strange atmosphere that made their figures blurry. If they didn’t wish it, then it would be difficult even for another one of the nine suns to see their real appearance.

There was no need to talk about these people that were as weak as ants before Xuan Luo.

The moment his words echoed, Xuan Luo gently squeezed his hand and a rumble echoed across the world. The old man...

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