Chapter 1740 (2) - Double Elements Armor (2)

Chapter 1740 (2) - Double Elements Armor (2)

It was blurry inside the sandstorm as Wang Lin’s body curled up and the fist from the treeman arrived. The fist didn’t contain a strong force but carried a spell with the old man’s full cultivation using the armor. 

This wasn’t a punch of strength but a punch of spell!

The moment the punch fell, the sandstorm rapidly shrank toward Wang Lin as if it was going to tear him apart.

Thunderous rumbles echoed at this instant and spread across the entire planet. They even spread outside the planet and echoed across the void.

Wang Lin’s body was hit by the wood and earth element force. The Immortal Ancient Spell erupted, causing Wang Lin to continue to recover so he didn’t die!

The moment the two essences arrived, Wang Lin borrowed the force and strung out like an arrow. He pierced through the sandstorm and shot off into the distance!

His speed was far too fast. On top of his own Ancient Dao and cultivation, he had also utilized...

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