Chapter 1740 - Double Elements Armor (1)

Chapter 1740 - Double Elements Armor (1)

The words of the old man from the third floor echoed across the world. They entered Wang Lin’s ears and were also heard by the Gui Yi Sect’s Yun Yifeng. Yun Yifeng frowned.

He usually looked very casual, but that was only on the surface. His pride came deep from his roots, and it was because of this pride that he didn’t bother to humiliate people with words as well.

He found things like this to be beneath him.

Yun Yifeng frowned as he looked at Wang Lin and let out a yawn. He retreated to the side and ignored what was happening.

As the words came out from the third floor, there was a flash of green along with yellow. As the two colors spread, a proud-looking whited-haired old man walked out of the third floor.

This old man’s body was surrounded by the power of wood and earth. As he walked out, one could see the shadow of a towering tree and a sandstorm behind him.


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