Chapter 1739 - The Walls Have Ears

Chapter 1739 - The Walls Have Ears

The sky distorted as the illusory planet Five Elements collapsed. The sky seemed to shatter into fragments that scattered in all directions.

If not for the three of them, the reverse of the Nine Cycle Heart Wheel formation would have killed everyone here. It was not Wang Lin being cruel, but he had just experienced the same thing himself.

Wang Lin appeared in the distorted sky and calmly looked at the planet. He saw the hundreds of unconscious cultivators, Na Dou, the old man with a broken right arm, and three gloomy middle-aged men staring at him.

Although the three men looked middle-aged, their ancient auras showed that they had lived for far too long. Their strange clothes showed that they weren’t cultivators from the cave world but from the Immortal Astral Continent!

After Wang Lin’s gaze swept by, he remained calm and waved his sleeve. He clasped his hands.

“I’m the cave world’s Wang Lin. I came to see you fellow cultivators from the...

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