Chapter 1738 - Calm Body Guides the Heart!

Chapter 1738 - Calm Body Guides the Heart!

The ninth cycle’s first breath!

Wang Lin closed his eyes. He tried using the true and false essence, but it had no effect, as if it was gone. Here, where it was true or false, everything depended on his heart.

Of Wang Lin’s heart had been triggered, then everything would move!

The moment Wang Lin closed his eyes, he suddenly reopened them. They were as calm as water. He understood that everything was merely a trial for his heart.

As long as his heart was calm, the world would be calm. However, it was difficult to calm his heart, especially with all the irritations around him. Although he looked calm now, he hadn’t completely calmed down yet.

Right now he had only calmed his body!

As Wang Lin’s body gradually calmed down, the planet before him suddenly slow down from its rapid vortex state. This change was really obvious, and it was several times slower in an instant.

The ninth cycle’s second breath!

After his body calmed down, the planet’s rotation...

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