Chapter 1737 - My Heart Happens to Stir!

Chapter 1737 - My Heart Happens to Stir!

The moment Wang Lin saw the planet rotate, on the ninth floor of the tower, the gloominess on the old man in the gold robe’s face disappeared and was replaced with a smile.

“Nine Cycle Heart Wheel. Even on the Immortal Astral Continent, very few people can break it. The focus of this formation is the heart. The faster one’s heart moves, the more difficult it becomes to break!

“You said that this person was very cunning and \very intelligent. It has been many years, and not only did he not die, but his cultivation level has increased greatly. He must have experienced many life and death situations and his mind has been honed to be like that of a demon!

“The smarter the person, the more difficult it is for them to break free! This is only the first cycle; the later it becomes, the more killing potential it has. Once it reaches nine cycles, he will be trapped there for life until his mental energy has been exhausted and he dies!”

When Na Dou...

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