Chapter 1736 - Nine Cycle Heart Wheel!

Chapter 1736 - Nine Cycle Heart Wheel!

Putting away the Water General’s armor, Wang Lin’s eyes were cold like ice. He looked at the vortex and his hand reached toward it.

At the same time, bright, golden light came from the vortex like sharp swords. It collided with Wang Lin’s right hand.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the water formation.

Wang Lin retreated three steps and withdrew his right hand. His expression didn’t change at all, it was still extremely cold.

The vortex collapsed under the impact and exploded into specks of crystals. It disappeared without a trace.

On planet Five Elements, the ninth floor of the tower was giving off a golden glow. Inside sat an old man wearing a golden shirt with life-like patterns embroidered on it.

At this moment, the old man trembled and cough out blood. His right hand was bruised and dark. It was also at a weird angle and was obviously bro...

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