Chapter 1735 - One Step the Arm Breaks!

Chapter 1735 - One Step the Arm Breaks!

Wang Lin ignored the retreating Water General, who was filled with disbelief. He closed his eyes and slowly felt the drop of the universe he had obtained.

This eighth essence was the water essence, but it wasn’t complete inside Wang Lin. Just like the fire essence, it needed to be fused many times to reach completion.

This was the difference between ethereal and corporeal essences. Ethereal essences only needed to be comprehended to become complete. However, this comprehension was much more difficult. This could be seen from Wang Lin’s life and death, karma, and true and false essences.

In contrast, corporeal essences were easier in comparison. Wang Lin’s fire and thunder essences only required a seed, then he just had to strengthen it until essence appeared.

Right now what was inside Wang Lin was the seed of the water essence. With this essence, Wang Lin could...

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