Chapter 1734 - Such a Great Favor!

Chapter 1734 - Such a Great Favor!

As the Water General sneered with excitement, on the 10th floor, Na Duo, who had sent out the metal element, also smiled.

He was still observing this battle with divine sense, and his smile was very wide. He didn’t think Wang Lin could walk out, because the water essence inside the ball of water was so dense that even he felt it was terrifying.

This water essence was not from by the Water General but the armor. It was precisely because of this that Na Duo was even more confident!

“I thought he had some heaven-breaking method, but he is only this strong… If he could come out, he would have come out when the ball of water formed. I presume now he must be feeling despair inside there!

“Wang Lin, there is no feud between us, and I really don’t want to kill you, but you are a cultivator of the cave world… We are different from you… You must have come here with a purpose… The cave world is a mess right...

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