Chapter 1733 - One Drop of the Universe!

Chapter 1733 - One Drop of the Universe!

The Water General’s terror was as big as the waves in the sea. This armor had been given to him by his ancestors. He had used the armor for a long time and slowly used his bloodline to fuse with it to make it his.

Without this armor, he was only a fourth Heaven’s Blight cultivator. With the armor, he could become a third step cultivator. However, the armor was extremely strange. Once he put it on, his mind would be limited and his body would be manipulated by the armor.

He remembered that when the ancestor gave it to him, the ancestor said that even in the ancestral sect, the armor was rare. It was very difficult to refine and wouldn’t be handed out unless one achieved great merits or was going to some dangerous place.

Every armor was very precious and could not be taken by an outsider!

What caused the Water General’s heart to tremble was that Wang Lin’s had attack caused cracks to appear on the...

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