Chapter 1732 - So HisName is Wang Lin!

Chapter 1732 - So HisName is Wang Lin!

Inside the fire formation, as the fire giant bowed, Wang Lin calmly stepped forward. The giant allowed Wang Lin to step onto its hand and raised Wang Lin up to its head. Wang Lin walked off the hand and stood on the fire giant’s head. 

Wang Lin raised his hand and pointed ahead.

The giant suddenly stood up and let out a roar toward where Wang Lin pointed. As it roared, the nine fire qilins stood up and trembled. Their expression became fierce and they also roared.

The people on planet Five Elements felt their scalps go numb and their hearts started beating violently when they saw where Wang Lin had pointed. Because in their eyes, Wang Lin was pointing toward the vortex, at them!

As a result, the giant and the nine qilins were roaring at the hundreds of cultivators around the tower and the four people watching from the mirror inside...

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