Chapter 1731 - Lord of Fire!

Chapter 1731 - Lord of Fire!

Inside the five intersecting rings, the scene was a complete blur. It was very difficult to see inside from the outside. One could only see the distorted ripples coming from the five rings.

Wang Lin was deep inside these five rings, and he was very calm. In his right hand was a small pile of dirt that was moving. It constantly changed to various different shapes.

It tried to break out of Wang Lin’s hand, but in the end, Wang Lin clenched his fist. The handful of dirt collapsed and was unable to reform. It dissipated from Wang Lin’s palm.

The dirt was formed by the earth element and contained a trace of earth essence. Now that Wang Lin had put it away, there were two piles of dirt in his storage space.

The other had been given to him by the All-Seer!

“They are worthy of being from the Immortal Astral Continent to put an earth spirit...

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