Chapter 1728 - Xuan Luo Enters the Cave!

Chapter 1728 - Xuan Luo Enters the Cave!

As he spoke, the expression of the four generals changed. Even Old Ghost Zhan’s expression became serious as he stared at Wang Lin.

This was the first time Wang Lin had spoken of the third soul everyone was thinking of!

The four generals had never mentioned this to Wang Lin before. To them, this was the top secret in the cave world, something that very few people in the cave world knew!

However, before they could recover from the shock of Wang Lin’s words, the Heaven Splitting Axe in Wang Lin’s hand rapidly expanded. The Ancient Dao aura inside Wang Lin erupted.

The ancient gods’ Heaven Splitting Axe was injected with Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao power. In this world, there was no one else who was more suited to wield this aze. Wang Lin grabbed the axe and chopped down without hesitation!

All of this happened in an instant. The moment the axe descended, the star system rumbled and the Ancient Dao shadow appeared. The shadow also held the...

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