Chapter 1727 - Blocked!

Chapter 1727 - Blocked!

After devouring the All-Seer, the Nether Beast became the Heavenly Dao. If it didn’t want other to detect its aura it would be very difficult to find.

If it was outside the cave world, the heavenly dao would have some flaws, but inside the cave world, it was absolute!

Back then, not even Lian Daofei was able to detect the Heavenly Dao before he was devoured. Although the Nether Beast had been in the Cloud Sea all along. not even Old Ghost Zhan had noticed it.

As for the four generals, they also didn’t notice.

Their divine senses were powerful enough to cover the entire Cloud Sea, but they couldn’t see the Nether Beast. They didn’t even notice Wang Lin, who was sitting on the back of the Nether beast.

This was why the All-Seer was able to stay in the Summoned River for hundreds of years while remaining undetected.

Wang Lin’s original body was sitting on the back of the Nether Beast and his avatar was condensing his essences on the side. The ripples that were spreading...

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