Chapter 1726 - Reforming Essences

Chapter 1726 - Reforming Essences

Wang Lin was very tired on the back of the Nether Beast. If the entire Nether Beast was spread out, it would be very large, but right now it had shrunken a lot and was only about 10,000 feet wide. Nevertheless, as it moved forward, it gave off a huge pressure to anyone who saw it.

This pressure came from the Nether Beast’s body and from its cold and ruthless gaze. This ruthlessness stemmed from its indifference to life and death, reincarnation, time, and all life!

It seemed as if no life mattered before the Nether Beast. It was the Heavenly Dao, everything in the cave world came from it. Whether it was cultivators or fierce beasts, they were nothing to it!

Similarly, this pressure came from Wang Lin, who was sitting on the back of the Nether Beast. Although he was only quietly sitting there, the aura he gave off was like that of a celestial god!

Wang Lin had the Ancient Dao bloodline. This bloodline was noble enough to compete...

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