Chapter 1725 - The Qualifications to Vie for Supremacy!

Chapter 1725 - The Qualifications to Vie for Supremacy!

The fog was hit by the blue light and directly collapsed. The illusory mouth disappeared the moment it appeared.

The All-Seer’s face was pale and his eyes were filled with disbelief. He looked into the distance with eyes filled with shock! Behind Dao Master Blue Dream and company, he saw Wang Lin, who was dressed in white, closing in!

There was half a compass in Wang Lin’s right hand!

This compass looked very ordinary, without any aura, but when the All-Seer saw it, his heart rumbled and the shock in his eyes turned into unimaginable fear!

“It’s… It’s impossible, you can’t find my original body. You… So what if you found my original body? I have awakened 99 times, I’m the Heavenly Dao!” The All-Seer stared at Wang Lin and pointed at the sky.

“One body of heaven, all matter in the world, return to me!” the All-Seer roared, and the fog around him began to swirl and...

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