Chapter 1724 - The All-Seer’s Original Body!

Chapter 1724 - The All-Seer’s Original Body!

Wang Lin’s original body rushed through the stars, moving at a speed much faster than his avatar. He wasn’t flying using brute force or integrating with the world, he was ripping the world apart to move forward!

Wang Lin’s right hand would rip the space before him as he stepped forward. A thunderous rumble echoed as the space before him was torn open.

He would then instantly enter the rift, and when he reappeared, he had already left the Summoned River!

Using this outrageous method, Wang Lin’s speed reached the peak of what his body was capable of!

In the entire cave world, only Wang Lin could dare to move like this. The inside of the spatial rifts were filled with destructive turbulence, and the cultivators’ bodies could not withstand this kind of impact.

Even ancient demons and ancient devils would find it difficult to withstand this destructive storm. An ancient god may survive a...

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