Chapter 1723 - Heavenly Dao!

Chapter 1723 - Heavenly Dao!

“...Heavenly Dao!!” Wang Lin’s mind went blank. What he found inside the All-Seer’s reincarnation cycle was difficult to believe. The Heavenly Dao everyone had been searching for was actually… actually the All-Seer!

Looking at the young man that had adjusted his own face with his hand, Wang Lin found it difficult to settle down the waves that had been set off in his heart. He was like the lonely boat in the raging sea that was constantly surging.

Under his gaze, the young man maintained his smile and disappeared into the distance. The star system gradually disappeared and collapsed before Wang Lin, but Wang Lin was still in shock.

Outside, in the Summoned River, Wang Lin’s avatar’s face was pale. Veins would appear and disappear all over his face.

Countless of the All-Seer’s avatar’s souls were entering Wang Lin’s avatar...

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