Chapter 1722 - His Identity!!

Chapter 1722 - His Identity!!

The image that appeared this time was a cultivation planet. Wang Lin was familiar with this planet, it was planet Tian Yun!

The All-Seer was sitting inside a secret room hidden in the Tian Yun Sect. Before him sat nine youths who were all unconscious.

The All-Seer’s eyes revealed a strange light as he looked at the nine of them. He opened his mouth and inhaled. The nine youth were devoured by him.

His body trembled and his expression revealed pain. He slowly closed his eyes and fell into slumber. Years passed. After an unknown amount of time, the All-Seer opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with clarity.

“This is my 97th awakening… The next candidate for my sleep and awakening is Ling Tianhou!”

Wang Lin looked at all of this with a calm expression, but a wave was set off in his heart. He didn’t expect these awakenings to be a result of the All-Seer devouring others!

“He should be one of Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s...

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