Chapter 1721 - The All-Seer Falls Into a Trap!

Chapter 1721 - The All-Seer Falls Into a Trap!

The storm formed by the Ancient Dao bloodline dissipated. Aside from the rock under Wang Lin, all the other rocks disappeared. After the storm dissipated, everything was quiet.

Wang Lin looked toward the east. He felt the All-Seer’s aura again in that direction. An illusion seemed to overlap with his body. The illusion slowly separated and his original body walked out.

The moment his original body walked out, his avatar’s right hand reached toward the void. The Ghostly Sail appeared and suddenly expanded. It shrouded this area in an illusion.

Inside the illusion, Wang Lin looked at his avatar, and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

“The Three Life Spell is certainly not something that can be copied. If I destroy my avatar or die once using the Three Life Spell, then all of the All-Seer’s plans would collapse!

“However, the price for this is great and somewhat not worth it! All-Seer, since you want to play, I’ll play with you. Let’s see who the...

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