Chapter 1719 - Strange!

Chapter 1719 - Strange!

“All-Seer!!” Everything before Wang Lin collapsed and the blue light around him faded. His body trembled and he stepped forward. He disappeared from the Celestial Realm and went through the silver river around it!

Qing Lin looked at where Wang Lin disappeared to and worry appeared on his face.

“Don’t worry. This All-Seer won’t live for long after daring to scheme against my son-in-law.” Dao Master Blue Dream’s eyes revealed killing intent. He was also biased, and in his eyes, Wang Lin was the same as his own child now. Although he had spoken calmly, he was extremely angry. He waved his sleeve and blue light surrounded him before he disappeared from the snowy mountain.

Qing Lin’s eyes shined brightly and he also stepped forward, charging into the sky. Before he left, Qing Lin’s divine sense spread across the Celestial Realm.

“Senior Hong Shan and Senior South Cloud, Wang Lin was schemed against by someone named All-Seer. I’m heading...

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