Chapter 1718 - Reincarnation Integration

Chapter 1718 - Reincarnation Integration

After a long time, Qing Lin frowned. He withdrew his divine sense from the All-Seer’s avatar’s soul and returned it to Wang Lin.

“There is nothing wrong… This soul is no different from other avatar souls, and it is very weak. It could die at any time.”

“You also can’t find it.” Wang Lin pondered a bit before saying, “How about this: I’ll merge with it and your divine sense will enter my body to see if there is any change to my essences.”

Qing Lin nodded.

Allowing someone else’s divine sense to enter his body while he was completely immersed in fusing with the All-Seer’s avatar soul was very dangerous. If the other party had any ill intent, it would greatly harm Wang Lin.

However, Wang Lin trusted Qing Lin. Although they hadn’t spent much time together, given all that had happened between them, it was enough to obtain his trust.

Qing Lin felt very emotional toward Wang Lin’s words. He understood Wang Lin and knew how cautious Wang...

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