Chapter 1717 - All-Seer

Chapter 1717 - All-Seer

Wang Lin’s idea was to use the All-Seer’s avatar soul to divinate where the All-Seer was. He closed his eyes and he saw where he had confined the All-Seer’s avatar soul.

Over the years, Wang Lin had used the All-Seer’s avatar soul to divinate countless life and death situations, and it had been a great help to him. If not for the fact that he felt like  the All-Seer’s existence was a great threat to him, he wouldn’t want to provoke him.

After all, in Wang Lin’s heart, the All-Seer’s mysteriousness was something he never felt from another person.

“What the hell is he… And what kind of plan does he have…” Wang Lin frowned as his mind fused with the All-Seer’s avatar and slowly began to divinate.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin sat outside his house and didn’t move at all. His mind was fully integrated with the All-Seer and he had that illusion where he had become the All-Seer.

This was not the first time he felt this feeling. In fact, when he was facing danger...

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