Chapter 1716 - Scheme Again All-Seer!

Chapter 1716 - Scheme Again All-Seer!

Outside the spatial crack in the Cloud Sea, there were still a large amount of fierce beasts gathered around it. They still couldn’t forget the restriction storm that had driven them out from the spatial crack a few months ago.

However, the spatial crack was their home, so they had been hanging around it because they were unwilling to leave.

As time passed, these fierce beasts became irritated, but none of them dared to enter, so they could only let out low roars. On this day, a white figure slowly came out of the spatial crack, and his appearance immediately caused the beasts to retreat.

They could clearly feel a terrifying aura coming from Wang Lin’s body.

When Wang Lin walked out from the spatial crack, his gaze swept by the large amount of fierce beasts. But he didn’t pause; he took a step forward and disappeared.

It wasn’t until after Wang Lin had been gone for a long time that the surrounding beasts slowly closed in on the spatial rift. A few carefully went inside,...

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