Chapter 1715 - Blood Lines in the Eye as the Rule

Chapter 1715 - Blood Lines in the Eye as the Rule

What were rules? It was likely that very few people considered this. Also, what was the distinction from laws? It was something people had pondered for millions of years but found nothing.

This was something even Wang Lin was confused about. Sometimes, he thought he had figured it out, but he was just invalidating his previous guesses most of the time.

Rules, laws, formation of the world. This was Wang Lin’s current speculation.

What were heaven and earth? The heavens and earth of the cave world were the Heavenly Dao. What was it that allowed it to determine the rules and laws of this world and give birth to them?

Wang Lin didn’t understand. Even though his battle essence had formed a new law, he still didn’t understand what it was. He just knew that whether it was law or rules, they were intangible. However, if they were tangible, they would become lines that...

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