Chapter 1714 - Restriction Essence

Chapter 1714 - Restriction Essence

In this cave world, whether it was the Inner or Outer Realm, or any of the spatial fractures, it was rare to see a storm of this many restrictions.

These restrictions were originally only simple seals, but now there were too many of them overlapping, making it impossible to see them clearly. It was like a layer of misty light that formed an endless storm.

This majestic scene was something only Wang Lin could feel. The beasts inside the spatial crack all chose to avoid this storm of restrictions. The beasts all escaped through various exits in panic.

This was like a beast tide. They rushed out from the spatial crack, and in just a few days, the area round spatial crack in the Cloud Sea was filled with countless beasts.

They didn’t run too far, they just floated outside the spatial crack. They stared at the crack in fear while trembling.

The beast tide that appeared in the Cloud Sea attracted the attention of a lot of people. Some...

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