Chapter 1713 - Chopping the Ghostly Sail!

Chapter 1713 - Chopping the Ghostly Sail!

“Cut three origin souls!” Wang Lin endured the pain and let out a roar.

As he roared, the double shadow blade rose up and fell down. There was a flash of blood light as the blade sliced through Wang Lin. His body trembled violently as this origin soul was split into three parts by the mysterious power of the Sealing Extermination Clan!

At the same time, one blade collapsed into pieces.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and roared without hesitation, “Cut three bodies!”

As he roared, the blade that only had one shadow remaining sliced down toward Wang Lin. It was no longer silent but created a loud howl!

The long blade cut through Wang Lin and then collapsed! As it collapsed, Wang Lin’s body divided into three!

These three bodies were fused with three souls and contained the three origin souls. At this moment, the three bodies flew toward each of the different Sealing Extermination Clan altars!

After the three altars absorbed the three Wang Lins, the blood light around them became even stronger. They slowly rotated around...

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