Chapter 1712 - Three Life Spell!

Chapter 1712 - Three Life Spell!

Since arriving at the altar, Wang Lin hadn’t had time to observe this place. Most of his attention had been on the arm on the altar. Even though he was very cautious and had scanned this altar with his divine sense, he hadn’t found anything abnormal.

However, after he absorbed the blood and the Soul Blood, along with the ripple caused by Heaven Ripping, the veil covering the altar was lifting. Wang Lin’s eyes shined.

“Why would the altar appear here, and why is Ye Mo’s right arm here…” Wang Lin pondered as he carefully looked at the altar.

This altar was very ordinary; nothing looked abnormal about it. If not for the ripples echoing above it, it would be very difficult to see anything strange about it.

As the Heaven Ripping spell disappeared, the ripples also slowly faded until they returned back to normal.

Wang Lin stood up and walked off the altar. At the same time, his avatar also got up and walked...

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