Chapter 1711 - Ancient Dao Defying

Chapter 1711 - Ancient Dao Defying

The fifth drop, sixth drop… until the ninth drop of blood flew out from the vortex and shot toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly as he stared at the drops of blood that were flying toward him. He didn’t dodge and allowed the five drops of blood to land between his eyebrows. They seemed to penetrate through his body.

When the fifth drop of blood fused, a thunderous rumble came from Wang Lin’s body and a powerful force erupted from the blood. Wang Lin couldn’t help but take a few steps back, his eyes shining brightly. That powerful feeling made him clench his fists.

At this moment, the sixth drop of blood followed shortly after and entered Wang Lin. Thunderous rumbles echoed and all the blood in his body seemed to boil. He rapidly absorbed the bloodline force inside this drop of blood. It flowed through his entire body, and when it entered his heart, his heartbeat was like a roaring bolt of thunder.

He retreated once more and let out a roar at the sky. Intense pain came from his body....

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