Chapter 1710 - A Wisp of Soul

Chapter 1710 - A Wisp of Soul

Five drops of blood and one drop of purple Soul Blood shined brightly before the statue. After Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo sealed the aura with the power of his Empyrean Sun, these six drops of blood flew off into the distance.

Ripples appeared in the sky, forming a giant vortex, and the center of the vortex seemed to connect to the void. The six drops of blood flew into the vortex and disappeared before everyone’s gazes.

The last to disappear was the purple Soul Blood. The appearance of this drop of Soul Blood shook everyone. They also revealed disbelief, horror, and awe!

They looked at the demonic purple light that came from the Soul Blood and watched it disappear into the vortex. After that, they became sober and the shock became even more intense. The shock was like a wave that shrouded their bodies and souls. 

“Purple Soul Blood… My God, I saw a drop of purple Soul Blood! In all the generations of the ancient country, there have only been nine drops!”

“Legend says that the...

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