Chapter 1708 - First One!

Chapter 1708 - First One!

The man in the royal robe stared at the eyebrows of the statue with a hint of surprise. Four drops of blood wasn’t enough to shock him though. Even Ye Mo had obtained three drops.

Although a majority of people only obtained one drop of blood during this calamity, there were still a lot who obtained two drops. Aside from Ye Mo, most with the royal bloodline could obtain at least two drops of Ancient Race Heavenly Blood.

What’s more, the royal-robed man himself had obtained six drops of blood. He was the strongest person among the Dao clan aside from Xuan Luo!

Therefore, he became the king of the Dao clan. His status was very high and he was revered by countless people. Even so, he was not taken as a disciple by Xuan Luo. He had already brooded over this matter, but didn’t dare to bring it up.

When he heard Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo say that he was going to take Ye Mo’s heir as a disciple, he felt...

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